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Fusion Tickets

We're event people, just like you!

We supply a FREE box office system that allows you to manage your events online. Great rates with no hidden fees.

Free customer data collation. A comprehensive breakdown of income in addition to dozens of other reporting options available.

FREE use of our door entry scanning app. FREE use of our Mobile Box Office app.


To ensure that all customer and client experiences with Fusion are met with the highest standard.

Offering clear and welcoming communications with our team.

Listening to customer feedback. We provide a technical team which are available 7 days a week.


We started out running events like county fairs and rodeos, where we were able to increase attendance by 38%

Then we helped events with their marketing, media, and graphics.

Now we provide events with an easy to use ticketing solution, help them run their digital marketing, and still produce our own events!

Fusions Journey

Get Fusion Tickets

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